Why Same-day Crowns are the Better Choice

A few years ago, dental technology finally reached the point where in-house crown design has become possible. An article in 2013 by the Wall Street Journal stated that one-day crown systems were available in 10-15% of dentist offices nationwide. The biggest advantage of one-day crowns, as the name implies, is removing the need for a third party dental lab and their often lengthy and expensive turn-around time.

There has been much discussion around the negative aspects of dentists making their own crowns. Most commonly, that they lack the same quality and detail of traditional hand-made crowns. While both sides of the argument have some merit, this article is intended to lay out the facts (as well as disprove myths) between digital and hand-made methods. See our Digitally-Fabricated Crown technology page to learn more about our machine and process for same-day dental crowns for our Granbury patients.

Dental Crown milling machine

Learn more about our Same Day Dental Crown procedures we offer. Get the smile you deserve without the extra wait or costs of traditional dental labs. Our patients are in and out with their beautiful new crowns in only a few hours, compared to multiple days, maybe longer!