It’s Candy Time!

The time has come once again to fill your bags and bellies with sweet stuff from friends and neighbors alike – Halloween is upon us!

So, dress up as your favorite ghoul, goblin, or superhero and have fun! And, while you’re at it, why not stretch that fun out a bit more by stretching out your candy consumption at the same time?

Your kids will love the idea, and you’ll be able to ensure they’re not swallowing more than their weight in candy the last week of October. Here are three ideas that will work for every family:

  1. Arrange ahead of time with your kids to portion out the candy as a treat during family games.
  2. Barter with your children for the candy – how about a treat for a chore?
  3. Do a candy “buy back” where you exchange money for candy, then bring the candy into work to share with your co-workers.

Try these ideas on for size. They do work. After all, Halloween should be all about having a good time, and a lecture about how candy is “bad” for your teeth can spoil the fun. Even kids understand that candy isn’t the best thing for them, so the best solution is to involve them and get creative. Brought to you by the “Keep Halloween Fun” commission and your friends at West Bluff Dental Care. Have a Safe, and Happy Halloween!