Here to Serve You, Granbury!

Private vs Corporately owned

Do you want a locally owned dental office who will stand by their work for years to come, or are you ok with a corporately owned dental chain who may have a new dentist at your next visit? This is something most patients don’t consider until something doesn’t go as planned

Staff quality

How long has the staff been together?  Do they appear knowledgeable and caring?  Don’t you want a veteran staff caring for your one and only smile?  Ask the staff questions and trust your gut feeling!


Dentistry is a rapidly evolving profession, and staying on top of the latest technologies is key in providing the highest in standard of care.  From gentle tissue lasers to 3D printed all ceramic crowns we have the latest technologies to give our patients the best care possible!

Continuing Education

Texas mandates dentists take a minimum of 12 Continuing Education (CE) credit hours each year.  Dr. Smith strives to take a minimum of 40 CE credit hours each year.  CE can vary in quality from quizzes in the back of dental magazines to training at elite training centers.  Dr. Smith is a dedicated member of The Woehler Research Group and The SPEAR study groups.  As part of these groups Dr. Smith learns how to perform complex, cutting edge procedures from the most respected general dentists and specialists in the US.